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A Time Again for Heroes…

Back when I started my journey in IT I was lucky enough to be around at a time when the Macintosh was breaking all the rules. Of all the things that happened at that time it was the final rise to glory of the “Technology Evangelist” as a force for good in helping people understand what this new grey/beige box on their desks were capable of.

Guy Kawasaki in particular made it real and provided both a role and an approach that seemed to resonate and gave me a reason to want to make a difference by helping others understand the true potential that technology can bring our lives both at work and at play.

These days, technology is so pervasive we’re less naiive as to the potential and as a result the need for (or volume of) these evangelist Super Heroes has waned. But somewhere along the way, we seemed to have lost the point of what it is we are trying to make happen. As a society we are made all too aware of the dangers and problems that technology can bring, and as a result we seemed to have forgotten the benefits or what we are trying to achieve in the first place.

After over five years at Microsoft in various strategic roles, I have been directly involved with the creation and delivery of the strategic vision of many large organisations in both the Private and Public sector. One thing is constant across all of these organisations and that is that without a good cohesive vision (and subsequent understanding of what that means to the organisation) the chances of any significant progress are limited.

Envisioning is all about thinking about the future, not predicting it. By helping people think differently about technology you can transform your ability to make a real difference in the outcome for both your organisation and you as an individual.

Technology, like any other powerful force, can be used or abused and it is for us to decide which. The Envisioners was borne out of a desire to redress the balance, not to recreate the enthusiastic evangelism of the past, but to present a vision for the future that can be discussed and debated such that we, as a society, can find the right way forward in making technology work for us in both our professional and personal lives.

Finally, The Envisioners is not just about one individual’s thoughts, there’s an Envisioner in all of us and this platform is for us all to share our ideas, opinions and thoughts and I want to welcome you all into the discussion.

It is time for a new age of heroes and this in some small way marks the beginning…

Envision On!

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer
March 2009

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