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Architect Insight Conference 2009

Friday, May 8th, 2009

aic2009So, it’s late on friday evening and I’m just reflecting on a successful day at the Architect Insight Conference 2009 held in London with 200 or so of the UK’s best IT Architects and CTO’s.

Despite some fairly challenging budgetary restrictions, Matt and his team did a great job of providing a pretty diverse forum for people to come to learn, challenge, inform and discuss – from the buzz at the end, it seemed to have worked out pretty well.

Not only was I was lucky enough to get a slot to present my “6 themes” pitch to around 80 or so of the attendees (Hey – I was competing with 4 other sessions¬†with more interesting and articulate speakers – you know who you are Ulrich ūüėČ ) but I also got to interview the keynote speakers in a kind of “behind the scenes” exclusive for the event portal that will be launched soon.

All of the sessions were recorded and I will also be creating a special webcast edition of my session (Oh, you lucky people) for the Envisioners podcast feed that is now live on iTunes (N.B. other podcatchers are available).¬† There was also a little bit of a Twitter experiment going on during the day (to prove we’re “down with the kids” if nothing else).¬† Although rather amusingly now, we’re finding out all of the other events/groups that use the hashtag “AIC”.¬† There is also a Flickr stream from the event although in retrospect, this is not always a good thing…

Finally, there are also plans afoot for a “Virtual AIC” sometime over the summer to open it up for those that weren’t able to get to the event in person – I’ll keep you posted on that.

Social Computing at Work – Consumerisation in the Enterprise

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

This is the presentation that launched the Envisioners – A year ago, I was lucky enough to get a slot presenting at the Architect Insight Conference here in the UK.¬† I used the opportunity to start to talk to others about the whole “Consumerisation” story and show some examples of how things are already beginning to change.

You can download the webcast here (right click & “save as”) or click here to subscribe to the Envisioners podcasts on iTunes.

You can also download the slides from the event¬†– like everything on this site, they’re available for use under Creative Commons license, so feel free use them if they’re helpful to you, but please respect the copyright of the image authors (see last slide in the deck) and ensure you are licensed properly for their use.

Architect Insight Conference 2009 – May 8th 2009

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Architect Insight 2009

Just got the word that we’re up again for presenting at the Architect Insight Conference this year.¬† The conference has been trimmed back a little in line with the rest of the economy, but it still looks like the guys organising it are hoping for it to be as big as last year in terms of overall impact.

I’m really chuffed to get another slot and will be working on the presentation (based on the material you’re reading on this blog) over the next few weeks.

If you can carve out the time I can really recommend the event – hope to see you there!