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Corporate IT–It’s time to let go

Monday, October 25th, 2010

letgosmNow don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying for a minute that this is about a “free for all” where everybody has access to everything and can do anything they want – that’s not what I’m calling for at all.

But this should be a great time for us, we are sat on top of some incredibly powerful technology with a bunch of people who increasingly want to do more, be more efficient and dare I say it, even enjoy themselves in fulfilling their role. Instead we often find ourselves playing the role we all used to hate – we’re in real danger of being to the business what the IT security guys were back in the mid/late 90’s – the people that “just say no”.

It’s actually quite ironic, we’ve spent years nurturing this environment, creating a place where it can grow and be successful, and now that the time is right for us to start to pull back, to create an environment where we have empowered our people to be safe, productive and successful in their use of technology. Instead we often struggle to relinquish some of the control that we have fought so hard to establish (and which was so desperately needed way back when.)

What is needed now however, is for us go right back to our core principles and instead of providing everything, provide the environment from which people are empowered to drive their own solutions.

Our job in IT is not so much about our success, as it is about how we enable the success of others – understanding this subtle yet key difference is the key to our future success.

We should be the facilitators of success, empowering our people to be productive and free to chose the way in which they fulfil their roles but all the time, providing that safety net that ensures that they are able to do so within an environment that is supportive and protective in how technology is used to make us all more productive and successful.

The Changing Role of the IT Department

Friday, October 22nd, 2010


I think the change that has been brought about by the consumerisation of technology has put us in a really difficult position in how we manage technology across an organisation.

Think about how the role of the IT department has changed over the last 50 years.

We’ve gone from being computer scientists in lab coats

Data processors running around with punched cards trying to help people make sense of the world

The heady days of success where we had the advantage – we were the only guys that could finally unlock the knowledge economy that exists inside our organisation

And what’s next?

Well that’s kind of up to us, we have a choice, continue to be hounded by people who want more (but care less) or should we get back to our roots, reaching out into the business and getting back into the business of enabling our organisations and people to be at least as productive at work as they are at home?

IT is Dead (ish)

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

itisdeadFantastic, seems like more people are finally waking up to the fact that the IT function as we know it is slowly becomming extinct.  The evidence is pretty compelling to me, the more pervasive this stuff (IT) becomes, the less “special” it is.  It’s a pretty simple equation with some obvious consequences.  Come on, how many of you are still in a situation where the only chance you get to see/use a computer is at work or university?  (Apologies to the Digital Divide – I promise I will come back to how we fix that later).

The IT function needs to disappear in it’s current form and re-appear as something that is pervasive or embedded in every business function as a natural part of what people do.  We need to be confident enough in our own (and our organisation’s) use of IT to let go, safe in the knowledge that we have built the right foundations.

I know it’s a big step, and it’s not one you take at once, but we need to stop the illusion of “complicated” and “special” IT because our users, customers and competitors either know that it isn’t or simply don’t care. (As a test, go and ask your wife/partner/kid/dog if they care how complicated their favourite website/game/gadget is?  If they answer in the affirmative then they’re either in IT already or you’ve been “bigging” your job up too much and they’re just humouring you  :-)